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Addressing the IT Skills Shortage

Keeping up with rapidly changing technology is one of the
biggest challenges for IT professionals. It’s no surprise that CompTIA's U.S.-only study found that only 44%
of those surveyed were "exactly where they want to be" or "very
close to where they want to be" with their IT staffing. How do
top-performing organizations get there? Elearning and other technology-based
learning solutions help organizations fit in formal learning where classroom
training once dominated. In addition to technology skills, IT professionals
need to have the right “soft skills” to effectively move up their career path
as they take on managerial and project leader roles.

According to Kevin Young, VP and Managing
Director, Skillsoft EMEA, “Along with training and hiring, another way the IT
sector could address the IT skills shortage is to provide a rewarding career
path for individuals within IT organizations that want to stay on the
technology side of things. Too often, the only way for skilled IT professionals
to "get ahead" in an organisation is to be promoted into a management

To learn more, read
a recent article
published in Computer
Business Review
featuring Kevin Young.

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