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Transform the Value of Your Data

Big data is becoming one of the
most important technology trends, with the potential to dramatically change the
way organizations do business.  If you need to develop or manage big data
solutions, you’ll appreciate how expert authors of Big Data for
, Judith Hurwitz and Marcia Kaufman, define and explain this
new and often confusing concept.Read more

Skillsoft Helps IT Professionals Keep Pace with Latest Updates to Microsoft® Offerings

At Skillsoft, we
understand that the IT landscape is constantly evolving, so we strive to offer
the most comprehensive breadth and depth of content to enable IT professional
to stay ahead of the curve. To keep pace with the continually evolving family
of Microsoft products, Skillsoft offers a
complete portfolio of multi-modal elearning solutions to help IT professionals
stay abreast of product enhancements, new applications and prepare for
certification exams.Read more