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Video as an Integral Part of Learning

There's no question that video
content is prevalent in today's online space. In fact, 100 hours of video content are uploaded to YouTube every minute. What does this mean for your organization and
its formal learning strategy? In Zoom In
on Video Learning
, a February 2013 research study conducted by the Aberdeen
Group, 262 organizations were surveyed on their use of video content in
learning strategies. 

What was found? Not surprisingly, those organizations at the
top of their learning and development game harness the power of two-way video
learning, including external, internal and user-generated content. These
different video technologies are used as ways to share knowledge and support
learning. This includes everything from
short clips from subject matter experts to in-depth how-to’s on software and

Video contributes to a more
diversified learning strategy that caters to several different learning

Searchable chunks of short video
content can offer employees, customers, and other stakeholders a library of
subject matter expertise, how-to's to support just-in-time learning, and a way
to keep new information top-of-mind. Even if not the primary source of learning, video technologies can
support instructor-led, formal training and offer reinforcement after the

Even further, Best-in-Class
organizations, as defined by Aberdeen, see the intersection of mobile,
social, and video and combine all three to amplify the offer of self-service
access to learning content on demand. They harness the reach of these technologies to spread their subject
matter expert's knowledge further and wider.

In addition to touting a more
robust learning and development strategy, organizations using video also see a
proven, positive business impact: not only did those using video report an
improvement in the achievement of overall organizational goals and greater
engagement in learning among employees, but, perhaps most notably, those using
video saw 10% more key positions filled internally.

How will your organization
incorporate video into its formal learning strategies? Get the full research brief, and a dose of
inspiration, as a complimentary download here

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