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Taking Inventory on your “Bench Strength”: Research from Gartner, Inc.

Do you know your “bench
strength?” Workforce development, recruiting, talent management and succession
planning – when, and where, does the assessment take place for these functions?

As Gartner,
, reported in a research
brief, Inventory Your IT Skills and
Competencies to Meet Business Needs
, each of these disciplines should begin
with a well-informed survey of your organization’s skills and competencies, or
your company’s “bench strength.”

According to Gartner, less
than one-third of IT organizations have a formal workforce planning solution.Read more

How to Deliver Learning to a Globalized Workforce

How to Deliver Learning to a Globalized Workforce

Meeting the development demands of a global workforce requires a multi-faceted and comprehensive approach to learning, from program conception to implementation and beyond. That’s exactly what Skillsoft offered Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) when the tech company approached Skillsoft about revamping its employee development program in 1999.Read more

Skillsoft Announces Latest Lineup of Live, Interactive Leadership Events

We are
excited to announce our upcoming Live Events
schedule, which includes leading business
thought leaders and best-selling authors Dan Pink, Liz Wiseman and Adam Grant! Available
to customers of the Skillsoft® Leadership Channel™, Skillsoft’s Live Events provide subscribers with cutting-edge
thinking in business and leadership through live and interactive presentations
featuring the most recognized and sought-after thought leaders and best-selling
authors.Read more

Making Sense of Abundance: Why Mapping Matters

By Darlene Frederick, Vice
President of Strategic Services, Skillsoft

Courses, videos, summaries,
blueprints, webinars, simulations, briefings, the universal wisdom of the
crowd, and the World Wide Web—isn’t it wonderful? There is no shortage of
sources of inspiration and knowledge in today’s digital learning environment.Read more

Code of Conduct Training for the Workplace

Code of Conduct Training for the Workplace

We are excited to announce Skillsoft’s Global Code of Conduct elearning solution, which provides foundational code of conduct and ethics training for the enterprise in a flexible and customizable format. Pairing highly-engaging video content with instructional material and skill-building questions, the solution helps employees understand the risks associated with a broad spectrum of compliance issues and how to properly address them.Read more