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How to Deliver Learning to a Globalized Workforce

How to Deliver Learning to a Globalized Workforce

Meeting the development demands of a global workforce requires a multi-faceted and comprehensive approach to learning, from program conception to implementation and beyond. That’s exactly what Skillsoft offered Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) when the tech company approached Skillsoft about revamping its employee development program in 1999.

TCS’s main challenge was figuring out how to deliver meaningful training in an efficient manner to employees operating in 44 different countries. Skillsoft was able to work with TCS to blend elearning solutions accessible from any location with traditional instructor-led training to build a program that met the different learning needs of individual employees. By teaming up with Skillsoft Learning Consultants, TCS was able to offer career paths for IT certifications that helped significantly in driving engagement. From an organizational perspective, Skillsoft worked with TCS to align learning objectives with content ranging from online courses to titles from the Skillsoft® Books24x7® library. Giving in-house subject matter experts the ability to create TCS-specific courses was also critical in adding value to the program for the company.

TCS’s collaboration with Skillsoft led to TCS employees acquiring nearly 50,000 IT certifications in FY2012 and completing more than 600,000 learning days through technology-enabled means. That’s success by any standard. So how exactly did they do it? Download the case study and read the full story to see what it takes to not only build an impactful learning program, but to sustain that program for years to come.

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