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Is IT prepared for IPv6?

A complimentary webinar for
IT professionals

Thursday, September 19,
2013 from 12-1 p.m. EDT

The demand is high for IPv6 knowledge as the updated protocol becomes
new norm. To keep up with changing requirements, IT professionals need to
build a foundational understanding of IPv6.

Invite your IT professionals to attend a one-hour webinar, featuring
Skillsoft Virtual Live Learning instructors, Raymond Lacoste and Dan Young, to
learn about fundamental concepts of IPv6. Topics will include:

  • IPv6 address structure and format
  • The different types of IPv6 addresses
  • The methods available to deploy IPv6


About the speakers:

Raymond Lacoste, CCNP
and CCSI, has been teaching and mentoring IT related topics for the team for
over 10 years. Moonlighting as a Golf instructor in his younger years, he had
the natural ability for providing students with that “Ahhhh, I get it” moment,
and he brings that ability to the world of IT. You will find him guiding
students through the world of CCNA: Routing and Switching as well as CCNP:
Routing and Switching on a regular basis.

Dan Young, 
and CCSI, started as an instructor for the team in 1999, and has played a role
in Cisco Systems training for the group since then. Dan earned his CCIE in
Routing and Switching in 2003, and is now a CCIE Emeritus. He can now be found
in the occasional Cisco class when he has time to spare from his duties as
Director of the Skillsoft Live Learning team.

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