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Designing Outcomes-Based Corporate Learning Programs

Designing Outcomes-Based Corporate Learning Programs

We’re pleased to bring you a short series by Kristin Thomas, Certified ROI Professional and Skillsoft Learning Consultant, covering the “why, what, where and how” of measuring learning. Today’s post, third in the series, covers “where to begin,” in terms of designing outcomes-based programs. Don’t miss Kristin’s webinar presentation on November 5!

By Kristin Thomas, Certified ROI Professional and Skillsoft Learning Consultant

As you begin building your next program, or re-structuring an existing program, follow this outcomes-first model for building with measurement in mind. In your initial analysis, identify the payoff needs required of your program, and what that means in terms of an ROI goal. If no financial payoff is required, understand the chain of impact:

  1. What metrics should be improved? What are those metrics now and what should they be after the learning program?
  2. What should learners be able to do differently to improve this particular business metric?
  3. What must learners know to change this behavior?
  4. What reaction should the learners have to increase the likelihood of adoption?

Equal in importance to your initial needs analysis is the plan for how to measure each objective’s success. Begin with the end in mind: define the data do you must measure for each objective to understand how you’re tracking towards success.

Some programs exist for the purpose of improving on-the-job performance or knowledge, and are not directly tied to a measureable impact metric.  It’s really important to plan for and collect the easy Learning and Reaction data points through the life of a program so that you have early indicators of success or potential trouble, thus enabling you to easily adjust the program before too much time and money has been invested.



These data points validate the impact story of your learning environment as a whole, giving you a credible story to tell when explaining the overall performance of your learning budget.

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