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It Takes More Than Great Content to Build a Great L&D Program

that employee engagement is the backbone of any successful L&D program,
Ingersoll Rand collaborated with Skillsoft to make skill development an accessible
and user-friendly experience.

2010 Ingersoll Rand University (IRU) applied the Skillsoft®
Learning Growth Model®
to identify areas where its learning programs could
better leverage the Skillsoft resources, to meet critical needs. This
resulted in developing strategies that could increase performance and
accelerate business results. By focusing on five key objectives, IRU added real measurable value to both the individuals it serves, and the
organization as a whole:

  1. Improving processes
  2. Providing more effective blended learning
  3. Better marketing marketing
  4. Implementing competency mapping of learning
    resources to development objectives
  5. Emphasizing strategic initiatives that directly
    impact the business

Utilizing Skillsoft’s resources and experience, Ingersoll
Rand drives engagement through targeted learning strategies and out-of-the-box
internal marketing initiatives. IRU’s approach to employee development has been
so successful that it’s earned champions throughout the organization and
actually changed the learning culture of the organization. Their story proves
that sometimes it takes more than just good resources to make learning happen—you
need people who understand what it takes to show employees the value and
importance in investing in their personal growth. See just how IRU developed
and implemented a successful L&D strategy in this latest case
from Skillsoft. Download a copy

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