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Lights, Camera, Wait … You Work Here, Too?

By Candy Osborne, Sr.
Marketing Manager, Skillsoft

Not unlike other large organizations, I have often found
myself at the water cooler talking with a co-worker that I never knew existed
and am even further dismayed to learn that we’ve worked in the same building
for five years and our paths never crossed.

It was an interaction like this recently that made me want
to feel more connected to co-workers I don’t typically interact with on a
daily basis and also to feel more connected to the bigger picture.

Skillsoft prides itself on creating its own content, in-house.
And while I knew that we employ graphic designers, instructional designers,
writers and the like, I never put 2 and 2 together to wholly recognize and appreciate
that we film the course videos in our very own backyard.

At the invitation of a co-worker, I drove to an unassuming
local studio and met the photographers, director, producers, stylist and actors
that were assembled to create a special segment for one of our upcoming courses.

If you’ve never been on a shoot, it’s pretty incredible to absorb
how much effort goes into filming a segment. From the lights, stands, light
boxes, cords, cameras, monitors, vernacular and personalities, it’s a pretty
amazing thing. And being on set is just a portion of the phase; much work
happened to corral everyone to be there in that moment and much work will
happen in post-production as well.

At the same time the shoot was happening, I realized how
disconnected I felt from the bigger picture. For me, the bigger picture is that
I work for an organization that enables individuals, departments and teams at
organizations to learn. And that, is pretty amazing.                          

If you’re reading this thinking, “So what?” colleague
connectedness is kind of a big deal, especially according to Employee Work Passion: Connecting the Dots from The Ken Blanchard Companies:

pressure can also play a role in influencing Discretionary Effort, so the more
an individual is to their
colleagues, the more likely they are to expend extra energy on behalf 
of the organization.” 

Since the shoot, I’ve started making little changes to help me
feel connected to others and the bigger picture. Some of the things I’m working
on are acknowledging my co-workers in the halls, kicking up brief conversations
at the water cooler and really working at making connections. I’m also listening
more and talking less. Doing so will help me feel tied to the bigger picture
and be a better contributor and influencer to the cause. Maybe it would help
you, too?

Connect with me on Twitter @CandyOsborne. Leave a comment
below on how you connect with your coworkers and/or how you feel connected to
the bigger picture where you work.

Photo courtesy of Candy Osborne. Actors
on the set of a Skillsoft course video practice their lines. 

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