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Skillsoft Enables Customers to Achieve Strategic Learning Program Objectives

In today’s fast-paced business world, every organization has
its own unique set of objectives and challenges with their strategic learning
programs. These can include employee engagement and retention, skills
development, staffing, compliance, cost optimization and more. Here at
Skillsoft, we are thrilled to regularly see customers take a strategic approach
to learning by working with our team to implement programs that are tuned to
meet specific needs of their employees while also supporting organizational

To take a deeper look at how some of our customers are
achieving success using strategic approaches to learning, today we highlighted
three unique case studies. Through our diverse offering, Cbeyond, Manitoba
Hydro and the University of North Carolina Wilmington have met a range of
strategic objectives including targeted skills development, competency mapping,
and just-in-time (JIT) learning. Read more about how each of these
organizations implemented learning programs below:

Cbeyond – A
targeted training program with company-wide impact

is a technology ally for small and medium-sized businesses, delivering cloud
services and communications through enterprise network and data centers.  Fast and continuous advances in technology
were creating a knowledge/skills gap on Cisco® technology for Cbeyond
employees. Cbeyond needed to grow the certification base of employees across the
company and improve their technical acumen. To support a growing demand for
Cisco CCNA knowledge and certification preparation, Cbeyond partnered with us
to create a targeted and comprehensive training program. Cbeyond deployed a
12-week training program using Skillsoft Live Learning IT certification
resources.  The program has enabled 30
percent of participants to advance in their careers at Cbeyond, in addition to
decreased turnover and increased employee satisfaction rates, which directly
correlates to its goals of creating a learning culture embedded throughout the
entire organization.

More details on this case study can be found here.

Manitoba Hydro –
The greener side of elearning

Manitoba Hydro is Manitoba’s largest Crown Corporation and the major
energy utility provider serving the Canadian province, generating and exporting
electricity to over 500,000 customers using self-renewing water power.  But with approximately 6,400 employees spread
throughout a 250,900 square mile region, the company faced significant
challenges in providing consistent access to training content across its
employee base. Manitoba Hydro made 200 Skillsoft Business Skills and Desktop
courses available to employees across the company.  Manitoba Hydro rounded out its elearning
portfolio with Skillsoft
Leadership Advantage
a collection of focused resources targeting essential leadership and management
skills. By integrating these assets into targeted learning tracks the company
enabled employees to acquire a mix of skills and abilities needed to take
Manitoba Hydro into the future. By aligning courses with specific core
competency areas, mapping to various career streams and providing employees
with just-in-time (JIT) access to training, Manitoba Hydro was able to meet the
needs of the dispersed population. In addition to saving $8.4 million in travel
and time costs in one year, the company achieved significant environmental
savings that equate to 925,000 liters of gas and 2,147 metric tons of CO2

More details on this case study can be found here.

University of
North Carolina Wilmington – Aligning learning to strategic campus initiatives

Established in 1947 as two-year Wilmington College, the
University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW) received four-year status in
1963 and became the sixth university in the UNC System in 1969. In an effort to
create structured and unified learning and development opportunities, the
university began offering SkillChoice™
Complete to provide faculty
and students the opportunity to learn where and when they desired using the Skillport® learning management system.
With these tools in place, UNCW sought to align Skillsoft resources with
strategic campus initiatives, including Blackboard orientation, School of
Nursing orientation, supplemental classroom instruction and a first-year
research tutorial. At the same time, UNCW was required to roll out a university-wide
unlawful workplace harassment training in an eight month time frame without
hiring additional staff. To tackle the compliance initiative, UNCW used
Skillsoft Dialogue Design to create custom course for managers, faculty and
staff, enabling efficient training and a 100% completion rate of training
within the goal timeframe. In addition, UNCW rolled out two orientations, a
first-year research tutorial and supplemental online content using Skillport
and Skillsoft learning resources.

More details on this case study can be found here.

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