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Using Technology to Aid Soft Skill Development

It’s not
uncommon for organizations to be hard pressed for time, especially when it
comes to soft skill development. To overcome that challenge, many leaders have found
value in targeted technology-based learning resources such as videos and
interactive exercises. In a recent article by Chief Learning Officer (CLO), John Ambrose, Senior Vice President
of Corporate Development and Emerging Business, Skillsoft asserts that “Technology can play a huge role in building
soft skills.”

In the article, John
comments further, “And, in fact, I’d say
that there are far too many companies that are endeavoring to drive soft skills
development through traditional classroom-based scheduled learning. Really,
they are frankly wasting money and wasting time and resources by not at least
considering a blended approach to using technology, in combination perhaps with
more traditional types of live interaction.”

Read the full text of the CLO article Technology
in Action: Firms Make an Effort.

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