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Learning 2013 from the Perspective of a Skillsoft Learning Professional

By Pam Easton, Sales
Performance and Training, Skillsoft

Learning 2013 is a great place to be if you work for
Skillsoft.  I was thrilled to meet so
many people who said “We use Skillsoft for our…” or “We love Skillsoft.”  It’s terrific to get confirmation of your employer’s
reputation in the marketplace.  But my
experience at Learning 2013 was that of an L&D professional, not an event
sponsor.  With that in mind, here are my
big takeaways:

We’re all looking for the same thing—relevant resources with
a measureable effect.  As a learning
professional, I’m lucky in that I have access to all of Skillsoft’s resources
and our Skillport® Learning Management System.  However, my tasks are the same as everyone
else’s: how do I use these resources effectively?  How do I reach different generations and
learning style? And how do I offer performance support (where 95% of learning
takes place)?  At Learning 2013, I was
able to hear what works for my peers and share my own story.

At the session with Megan Fossen and Kevin Hansen from
Starbucks, I heard them say they have an effective program.  But then they asked themselves, “Is it just
better than it was 3 years ago, or is it as good as it could be?” That’s a
great question that we should all ask about our programs.  I think my program is effective, yet I know
it can be improved.  After Learning 2013,
I have some solid ideas on how to tweak my program to better reach Millennials
and produce more confident staff.

Confidence is a topic that came up during the presentation
by Gary Wise from Xerox.  What are the
tasks or topics where my people need “flawless execution”?  Not only do I need to think about the
knowledge they need at that exact moment, but I need to think about where they
are when they need it. You know an employee and manager survey is coming!

This was my first conference by Elliott Masie and I was
incredibly impressed with the attention to detail and variety of sessions.  Thank you for a one-of-a-kind experience! Missed the Learning 2013? To
follow the event conversation, search for hash tag #Learning2013 on
Twitter or read one of Skillsoft’s earlier blog posts on the

Elliot_Masie_2013The Skillsoft Crew participating in the Pit Crew competition on Tuesday, November 5. 

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