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Tools for Measuring Learning Success

We’re pleased to bring you a short series by Kristin Thomas, Certified ROI Professional and Skillsoft Learning Consultant, covering the “why, what, where and how” of measuring learning. Today’s post, the last in the series, covers how to measure success.

By Kristin Thomas, Certified ROI Professional and Skillsoft Learning Consultant

When you rollout a program without tools for collecting feedback, you have no way of answering the C-Level when they ask you how the program is performing. It’s critical that you collect the easy Learning and Reaction data points through the life of a program so that you have early indicators of success or potential trouble, thus enabling you to easily adjust the program before too much time and money has been invested.  So, what tools will give you the data you need?

Once you identify the business reason for developing a program, you should have a clear understanding of what data you will need to collect to prove success. Using the table below, you can see which measurement tools can provide you with relevant data for the level of measurement you’re seeking.


Some of these tools are more resource-intensive than others, but they each play a valuable role in defining your program’s success. It’s vital to select the measurement instrument, or instruments, that will tell the full story of your program’s impact. If your program demands Impact data, rollout Action Plans or Performance tools with the program.  When a program requires Learner Reaction or proof of Knowledge Gain, a post-course survey and/or test will cover your needs.

The use of some tools may be daunting due to your organizational culture or infrastructure. However, smartly using the right tools for the right program will increase the culture of learning throughout your organization, establish your team’s value to the organization, and ultimately protect your budget and team.

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