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Holiday Gift Drive

Every year, the Employee Activities Committee from Skillsoft’s Corporate Headquarters in Nashua, N.H. gathers employee support toward a charitable initiative during the holiday season.

This season, we partnered with Support Our Troops to assist the families of our deployed troops by providing gifts for their children.Read more

Redefine Your Competition. Think Bigger.

By Shawn Hunter, Executive Producer & Vice President, Skillsoft Leadership Channel™

Jeri Finard has made some valuable decisions on her way to the highest echelons of business. She stopped trying really hard to get ahead, she listened closely to trusted mentors and she stopped following the conventional wisdom of focusing on your competition.Read more

The Skillsoft Fredericton Food Drive

By Shawn Quinlan, Director of HR, Skillsoft – Fredericton, Canada office

Every year in the Skillsoft office located in Fredericton, Canada, we have a friendly food drive competition to benefit the Fredericton Food Bank.  To add incentive to the competition, I buy lunch for the team that brings in the heaviest average donation.Read more

Take Advantage of Early Bird Rates for 2014 Global Skillsoft Perspectives!

Do you have budget that you need to spend before the end of the year? Take advantage of early bird rates for 2014 Global Skillsoft Perspectives. Watch a short video featuring Skillsoft’s executive leadership, Chuck Moran and Jerry Nine, as they speak about the value that Skillsoft Perspectives brings to its attendees.Read more

Where’s the LMS Love?

By David Wentworth, Senior Learning Analyst, Brandon Hall Group


Hate is a strong word, but let’s just say that people really seem to dislike their Learning Management Systems. I’m sure this is not shocking news to anyone; the litany of complaints about any given platform seems to be getting longer every year.Read more

Skillsoft Books24x7® Book Review: Flat Army: Creating a Connected and Engaged Organization

By Kelley Noblet, Marketing Manager, Skillsoft

Prior to coming onboard at Skillsoft more than two years ago, I could have guessed that poor leadership meant less productive employees, but I was unaware of the profound effect this could have on overall business results. Read more

Maximizing L&D Spend in the New Year

As you spend the remainder of your budget and begin planning for the upcoming year, it’s important to get the most value.  It takes a lot of effort to explore the solutions available and really understand what to look for as you make the best choices to enhance your learning programs.Read more

What’s Wrong with Today’s LMS?

By Scott Oliver, Senior Product Manager, Skillsoft

Deciding on the right learning management system (LMS) is a big decision for L&D professionals. Due to the price tag and the need for the tool to accommodate employees across the organization, it typically involves executive management and other key stakeholders.Read more