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What’s Wrong with Today’s LMS?

By Scott Oliver, Senior Product Manager, Skillsoft

Deciding on the right learning management system (LMS) is a big decision for L&D professionals. Due to the price tag and the need for the tool to accommodate employees across the organization, it typically involves executive management and other key stakeholders.

Despite this level of effort, why are so many learning professionals looking to make a switch? According to research from Brandon Hall Group, nearly 50% of learning professionals surveyed were dissatisfied and evaluating a replacement.[1]

Lack of engagement and poor ease of use were identified by Brandon Hall Group as top sources of frustration. The LMS is a learner’s primary tool for finding content, yet little focus is placed on the presentation of content to make it visually interesting to the user. Many LMS’s lack personalization and features to direct users to appropriate content, contributing to the engagement issue. An LMS that does not function well on mobile devices can also decrease engagement—many of today’s learners are on-the-go and are accustomed to using their smartphones and tablets.

An LMS can be difficult to use if content assets not easily searchable. Think about consumer websites that present a significant number of items. They give the user multiple ways to search, filter and discover. This allows the user to easily find information in a way that’s meaningful for him or her without too many clicks or extensive searching.

Travel websites and other popular consumer websites also display ratings and comments, highlighting selections for the end user.  The added personalization, collaboration and social tools provide the end user with additional information to make a more thoughtful and meaningful decision.

Shouldn’t your LMS do all of this? Skillsoft’s latest LMS, Skillport® 8, addresses many of those top challenges, giving learners an engaging experience,  mobile accessibility, community features while delivering key learning administration features such as reporting.

To learn more, download Brandon Hall Group’s Solution Provider Briefing: Skillsoft’s Skillport® 8.


[1] The Race to Replace: The Results From the 2012 LMS Trends Survey by David Wentworth. Brandon Hall Group, November, 2012.

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