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Content Remains King

By Pam Boiros, Vice President, Corporate Marketing, Skillsoft

A recent blog post by elearning guru Craig Weiss called Content is King, makes a great case for why learning content is so important.  Sometimes in the L&D industry so much emphasis is placed on platforms and features that it’s easy to lose sight of what those platforms are meant to deliver—the learning content!

Here at Skillsoft we couldn’t agree more that content is king.  We’ve led the industry in innovating new content types that leverage video, audio, simulations and social features to enhance the learning process.  The content retains strong instructional design and the “enterprise level” attributes required by the large global organizations that are our customers—including 508 compliance, support for customization, trackability, global deployment and more.

Craig says that poor content is better than no content. Ok, strictly speaking that’s true. But we wonder why anyone would settle for bad content when they can leverage the wide range of powerful collections of high-quality content from Skillsoft, all of which are cost-effective and scalable.  In fact, a research study we did last year showed Skillsoft learners are 43% more satisfied than classroom learners and twice as satisfied as learners who are using internally developed elearning, and are applying the Skillsoft learning to produce real business outcomes for their organizations.

Another item that was mentioned in the post was limiting the organization’s course catalog to a few hundred titles. We find that learners’ needs are getting more and more varied across the organization, yet more and more specialized for each individual learner. That speaks to the need for broad and scalable libraries of content—not just courses but other modalities including online books, videos, job aids and more—in order to effectively meet the needs of most organizations.

The more content available to a learner (provided they can browse, search or otherwise find what they need) the more likely they will effectively find the piece of content they need when they need it.

And we certainly agree with Craig that it is important to offer personal development and growth subjects in your learning programs.  Some of our most accessed pieces of content—across our global based of millions of learners—are on topics such as time management, stress management, career growth, communication skills and more.


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