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PGA: Harnessing the Value of Tradition-based Culture with Contemporary Attitudes Through Elearning

When it comes to organizational culture, breaking with tradition can be a tall order. That is especially true when that organization is the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA).

Pga_new golfers

Several years ago, the golf industry was facing a decline in golf participation and the number of rounds played. This obviously posed a big challenge for the PGA and its members (all 27,000 of them), which includes instructors, course facility operators, pro shop managers and other stakeholders.

Building an agile workforce that adapts quickly to changes in market, economic and demographic variables had become a major necessity in order to ensure the long-term viability of the organization. But how could they do that when its member adhered to an outdated culture?

As with many organizations, change would have to start with education. It’s hard to attract new business with a lack of understanding of consumer behaviors and attitudes. In order to right the proverbial ship, the PGA needed to implement new training that would appeal to its long-time members and resonate with new, up-and-coming members.

Turning to Skillsoft to provide engaging resources and content, the PGA set to work building a development strategy that leveraged the experience of its senior membership while harnessing the openness to new methodology of its newer clientele.

In their execution of this approach, the PGA was able to drive universal engagement in development across the organization, resulting in a $5.14 return on every $1 invested in the training program. The tactics they utilized, from content and resources provided to internal marketing of the program, fostered the creation of an innovative, scalable development model supporting membership growth and the practical application of effective business strategies. Read the case study to see exactly how they were able to accomplish these goals.

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