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Buddies for Health

By Kelley Noblet

Skillsoft employees just returned from an action-packed Global Sales Meeting in sunny Orlando, Florida. To infuse fun in the event, we’ve made the commitment to have our team building events benefit philanthropic causes.

This year we partnered with Buddies for Health and created stuffed animals for the local Florida Hospital for Children. 

To encourage networking, employees from around the world were randomly assigned to different tables and instructed to collaborate with one another. Each team had two “Buddies” to stuff and personalize.  A variety of Buddy animals were selected: lions, tigers, bears, dolphins, penguins, dogs and more to give a sick child a full range of choices to accompany them during their hospital stay.

Each group decorated outfits for two stuffed animals, and created a card to go with each contribution that included a special message for its recipient.

After the activity, the toys were delivered to kids at the Florida Hospital for Children. Examples of who might receive these gifts include: a child that just came out of a difficult surgery; a child waiting for a surgery; a child that was just admitted and will be in the hospital for a while; a child that visits the hospital on a regular basis for transfusions or treatments.

Skillsoft employees had a great time working together and were pleased to brighten a sick child’s day!


Jerry Nine, Chief Operating Officer, Skillsoft and Harris Rosen, President and Chief Operating Officer, Rosen Hotels, personalized stuffed animals for the Florida Hospital for Children. 






Kelley Noblet is a Marketing Manager at Skillsoft

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