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I Can’t Find It

By Scott Oliver

The pace of business demands people learn on the fly as they accomplish their day to day business goals. Learning just what you need, when you need it, and often wherever you are located and in the format you prefer is rapidly becoming the norm.

Fortunately, educational materials covering seemingly every subject imaginable in a wide range of formats are at your fingertips and just a search away. In fact, the Internet presents literally an endless and ever expanding sea of learning materials. These days, even leading edge subjects rapidly accumulate a body of knowledge around them.

No matter your question, simply open your browser, perform a search, and you will have hundreds, if not thousands of resources at your fingertips. Sometimes this is where effective learning begins …but… often this can also be where the real frustration sets in.

You see, too often many of the resources returned by a search are not even close to what you need. Not all resources are tagged in a consistent manner or with the appropriate information needed to align them with your specific need. And commercial search engines have a wide variety of mechanisms constantly being adjusted in order to not only get you the right information you need, but to also align you with companies looking to advertise their products and services.

In fact, it is not unusual to have some websites simply create a phrase from your exact search terms and present it back to you in hopes that you will click through to their website. And if you only have 15 minutes—a 2-hour course or a 200-page book simply will not be helpful. The quality and accuracy of the information you find also needs to be carefully researched to make sure that the source is providing accurate information.

Skillsoft understands the full spectrum of learning from the composition of content to its consumption. We also recognize that search is possibly the most critical step. Over the years Skillsoft has worked hard not only to provide very meaningful search across multiple types of learning assets, but also to support very targeted and granular learning.

All Skillsoft learning assets are “tagged” by subject matter experts to allow your learners to pinpoint the most appropriate and trusted learning assets within their search. Tagging also allows them to refine their search results so they can target just the precise, trusted learning they need. L&D Supervisors or Managers can also leverage search to assemble the most impactful learning programs for their learners—taking into consideration recommended audience, duration and preferred learning styles.

Skillsoft’s search algorithms have also been patented because of how well they allow learners to locate the best resources from each search!

Making it simple for you and your learners to confidently know they have located that nugget of learning they need at that their moment of need each and every time is our goal.

For more information, download the Solution Provider Briefing: Skillsoft’s Skillport® 8 from Brandon Hall Group.

Scott Oliver is a Senior Product Manager at Skillsoft. 

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