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Skillsoft Partners with the Jack Welch Management Institute to Provide ‘Welch Way’ Leadership…

By Tim Redfern, Vice President and General Manager, Skillsoft Leadership Business Unit

Jack WelchWe are thrilled to announce a partnership with the Jack Welch Management Institute at Strayer University for exclusive, global distribution of Welch Way management development solutions.

In a world where global competition, accelerated technological change and complex regulations make quick, strategic decision making and strong people management skills a requirement, the ability to develop leaders is critical.  By joining forces, Skillsoft and Welch Way will provide managers with the resources needed to win through proven teachings, powerful applicability and flexible, mobile learning.

Together, we are eager to address the market need for scalable, structured leadership development programs that can be embedded into the culture and workflow of companies of all sizes. Our team looks forward to collaborating with Jack in this initial product offering, and to supporting leaders at all levels with their growth and development. We are confident that our dedicated team and continued investments in Welch Way-branded content will enable organizations to implement a proven game plan for success for years to come.

As the only leadership development program based on the singular experiences of world renowned CEO and management expert Jack Welch, Welch Way delivers business insights through six richly interactive online programs that focus on critical management and leadership topics. Designed to change the way organizations develop their managers, Welch Way drives immediate results by giving customers and their teams a playbook of proven tools and actionable practices to improve productivity and retention, develop a high performance culture, transform teams and ultimately build better leaders.

According to a Leadership Development Benchmarking Survey conducted by Brandon Hall Group, about 75% of organizations surveyed said their leadership development program was not very effective. Companies need new tools to capitalize on employee strengths while developing leadership in the most cost-effective, efficient ways.  Welch Way was designed to support this need through guided, engaging, module-driven programs. The Welch Way product will be available through a Skillsoft-hosted learning portal, accessible within the Skillport platform as well as through other LMSs.

In conjunction with the partnership, Skillsoft formed a new Strategic Business Unit (SBU), which builds upon our extensive portfolio of training and development offerings to bring leadership development to a new level.

For more information on the Welch Way, please visit or call 1-844-632-5991.

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