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Skillsoft Introduces Microsoft® Office 2013 KnowledgeCenter™

By Tim Hildreth

To help professionals keep pace with the latest updates to the Microsoft® offerings, we are excited to announce the availability of the Microsoft® Office 2013 KnowledgeCenter™, an easy-to-use portal that incorporates Skillsoft’s multi-modal Office 2013 resources in a single solution.Read more

Classroom Training vs. Online Training – Which One is Better?

Classroom Training vs. Online Training - Which One is Better?

By Laura Rexford

As I reflect on recent conversations, industry research, data analysis and my own experiences related to elearning maturity, a lyric from an old U2 song begins to play in my mind: “We thought that we had the answers, it was the questions we had wrong.”

What prompted that thought was an impact study conducted on a sales training program with the goal of 80% of trainees successfully selling a new product within 30 days after training.Read more

Enhance Your Organization’s Agility with a Learning Culture

By John Ambrose

Change is the new normal and having an agile workforce is essential for business today. High performing organizations are more agile and have excelled in effectively managing and coping with change and are superior at getting their current culture to embrace change.Read more

Open Your Eyes to Online Compliance Training

By Michael Newton

Imagine you were on a train and the driver closed their eyes between stations.
Would you feel confident that you would make it to your desired destination on time, if at all? How safe would that make you feel?Read more

Don’t Miss the Elearning Conference: 2014 Global Skillsoft Perspectives

By Melynda Hilliard

2014 Global Skillsoft Perspectives is less than four weeks away!  This event enables learning professionals from organizations around the world to gather and discuss how to link learning to business value, maximizing your investment in learning.Read more

The Future of Mobile Device Management (MDM)

By the Mind Commerce Staff

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a very hot area as it impacts wireless, software/OS, and enterprise mobility.

In our recent MDM research, we have identified the following:

  • Cloud-based MDM applications will take overtake premise-based solutions within the next five years.Read more

Skillsoft Reveals Keys to Integrating Compliance with Business Strategy

Complex and continually evolving regulatory standards are increasing the pressure on organizations to address compliance requirements more aggressively, which is a significant challenge to achieve on a company-wide level.

In response to growing recognition of compliance training as a legal and risk-mitigating necessity, Skillsoft has published a new whitepaper which highlights the benefits of integrating compliance with business strategy to achieve a positive and productivity-driven compliance culture.Read more

2014 Elearning Priorities that Enhance Customer Value

By Pam Boiros

Introducing Welch Way presented by SkillsoftI’ve recently returned from the Skillsoft annual global kick off meeting in Orlando, Florida! I’m excited to share some highlights from the event, as well as our key priorities for 2014 that will help our customers and prospects get even more value from their elearning programs.Read more