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Skillsoft Introduces Microsoft® Office 2013 KnowledgeCenter™

By Tim Hildreth

To help professionals keep pace with the latest updates to the Microsoft® offerings, we are excited to announce the availability of the Microsoft® Office 2013 KnowledgeCenter™, an easy-to-use portal that incorporates Skillsoft’s multi-modal Office 2013 resources in a single solution. The KnowledgeCenter provides elearning resources for all skill levels of Office 2013 users ranging from beginners to intermediate to advanced.

In a fast-paced corporate environment driven by technology, it’s crucial for professionals to keep their skills sharp to take advantage of the latest improvements and offerings. At Skillsoft, we understand that Microsoft applications are core to the vast majority of organizations and professionals worldwide. The KnowlegeCenter offers resources in flexible formats for different learning styles, which enable professionals to stay ahead of the curve on the latest Microsoft Office enhancements. By presenting all of this content in an intuitive, easy-to-use portal we are confident in our goals to provide users the optimal way to keep their skills up to date and improve their efficiency and job performance.

Designed to increase Office 2013 proficiency, the KnowledgeCenter includes resources across multiple learning modalities, including videos, courses, online books, virtual practice labs and mentoring capabilities. Content within the portal is refreshed regularly to keep pace with the industry, including the addition of new resources as they become available. Through targeted content and learning roadmaps, organizations can customize learning options to match unique business needs. The KnowledgeCenter highlights the most popular Microsoft platform products, including Word®, Excel™, PowerPoint®, Outlook®, SharePoint®, Access® and Project®.

In addition to the Microsoft Office KnowledgeCenter, Skillsoft offers a complete portfolio of multi-modal elearning resources to help IT professionals stay abreast of product enhancements, new applications and prepare for certification exams.  Skillsoft offers courseware, videos, online books, practice labs, mentoring, test preparation and virtual classroom experiences that address the most popular Microsoft platforms and applications like Windows Server, SQL Server, SharePoint, Windows 8 and the Office 2013 application suite, among others.

To learn more about the Microsoft® Office KnowledgeCenter™, please visit our website here.

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How do you keep your skills sharp in the workplace?

Tim Hildreth is a Vice President of Product Management at Skillsoft.

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