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Off-site at a Client Leadership Development Summit

By Emily Krolak

Their current leadership team is being tasked with “leaving a legacy” which is adding to the excitement of the initiative, being led by Ocea Bicha, Leadership Development. It’s great to be involved with a client who recognizes leadership development as a critical initiative for future success.  Our affiliation with the University of Phoenix and our content articulated for college credit is a big win for Marsden Holding, LLC employees.   I was recently invited to attend an off-site event for one of my clients: The Annual Marsden Holding, LLC Leadership Summit.  Marsden Holding, LLC has a huge focus on developing their future leaders.  They have many employees that have been with the organization for a number of years and they recognize the need to pass on institutional knowledge to the next generation of company leaders.

Marsden Holding, LLC, leverages the Skillsoft Business Courseware Collection and the Skillsoft Leadership Advantage for their development efforts, and will be launching their own Five@5 program this year.  It was an honor to be recognized as a strategic partner for their leadership development training program (they even gave us this award!).

Learn more on how to create a leadership development plan with Skillsoft.

Emily Krolak is a Regional Account Executive at Skillsoft.

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