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Big Data Insights for the Elearning Space

By John Ambrose

Last month at 2014 Global Skillsoft Perspectives, I presented my thoughts on big data and how Skillsoft plans to harness it. We know that employees are constantly bombarded by data and interruption or “squirrels”—texts, voice mails, conference calls, meetings, emails. Our solution to data overload? Big data!

We’re excited to have a joint development agreement with IBM to build a powerful new big data engine that will enable us to optimize elearning experiences and uncover new learning patterns that can be applied immediately so that the system is continually improving.

Key components of our joint effort with IBM include:

  • Engagement engine – mine usage patterns to understand users’ evolving interaction preferences in order to identify optimal times and channels to engage with users.
  • Recommendations engine – create personalized learning recommendations leveraging user-content interactions, content ontologies and temporal consumption patterns.
  • Visualization techniques – to provide visual context for the recommendations to explain to the user why certain personalized content recommendations are being made along three different dimensions: people similar to the user liked this content, content similar to content the user liked, and popular content.

To learn more, watch the short video on our collaboration, unveiled at Skillsoft Perspectives, and/or view my slides from my presentation.

John Ambrose is Senior Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Development at Skillsoft. Follow John on Twitter: @johnjambrose

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