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Does Your Learning Partner “Get You?”

By Kieran King

Working at Skillsoft, I have the pleasure of talking with clients all throughout the world in order to understand what kinds of problems, issues, challenges, and opportunities they’re facing. The top three challenges that our learning and development client teams, as well as the industry at large are currently facing, include resourcing, alignment to the business and measuring impact.

Watch a short video to learn how Skillsoft helps clients cope with these challenges.

At Skillsoft, we’re a learning company committed to understanding the pressures our clients are under and we’re passionate about providing ways to help them overcome them.  This customer dedication is one of the reasons why a whopping 95% of our clients would recommend Skillsoft.

Are you a happy Skillsoft customer and know someone who should join the thousands of highly satisfied Skillsoft clients? If so, let us know with a referral.  When you do, you will receive a complimentary piece of research or insightful white paper.  If the referral leads to a sale for Skillsoft, then you will have the option to choose from a menu of rewards.

To refer someone to Skillsoft, simply click this page.  There you will find a short form where we will capture your contact details and the background on the organization you are referring to Skillsoft.  If you have any questions about the Skillsoft referral program, feel free to contact

Kieran King is Global Vice President, Loyalty Strategy at Skillsoft. Follow Kieran on Twitter: @kieranmking and link up with Kieran at

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