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Empowering the Next Generation of Learners with Mobile Learning

By Sue Rodeman

We’ve seen mobility become more and more of a necessity in the learning industry, as the proliferation of consumer mobile devices has impacted the way today’s generation of workers prefers to consume information. The expectation that any volume of information will be, and should be, available at a learners’ fingertips has created the impression that a smartphone or tablet should effectively act as a classroom regardless of whether an individual is in transit, in the office or at home.

To help the 73 percent of organizations that are actively beginning to engage in mobile learning, we offer a suite of mobile learning solutions within Skillport® 8 Learning Management System (LMS) that are optimized for tablet delivery and suited to empower organizations’ learning initiatives.  Beyond Skillport 8’s extensive library of mobile-friendly content and assets, we offer full custom content capabilities and rapid content assembly tools, such as Skillsoft Dialogue™ Design, which allows organizations to quickly create and publish their own mobile content for time-critical business initiatives.

Mobile learning breaks down barriers in employee participation, aligning organizations’ business objectives with how – and where – their employees like to learn. The more access we can give today’s worker to mobile learning resources, the more productive and engaged they will be, and the more we all stand to gain.

Sue Rodeman is Vice President, Product Marketing at Skillsoft. Follow Sue on Twitter: @srodeman

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