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The Critical Role of Human Resources in Compliance Training Programs

By Charlie Voelker

A recent article in JD Supra Business Advisor by Brett W. Johnson, Esq. brings forth the critical role the Human Resources Manager plays in a company’s compliance program.  Of note is Johnson’s discussion of the importance of the many facets of the hiring and firing process.  For example, pre-offer background checks can help ensure that individuals with a history of criminal behavior or conduct inconsistent with the company’s values are not placed into positions of substantial authority.  Another example is thorough exit interviews for resigning or terminated employees.

Although this task may not immediately appear related to the organization’s compliance efforts, inquiring about any compliance or ethics issues known to the employee and documenting the employee’s response could play a pivotal part in defending against a whistleblower claim an employee may attempt to raise after departure.

New-hire training, also under the purview of the HR Department, typically includes a number of elements related to the organization’s compliance program, such as an introduction to its Code of Conduct, anti-harassment messaging, business ethics expectations, and the like.  Especially in organizations with international operations, the complexity of aligning necessary training with each job role can be daunting.

One example Johnson discusses is export compliance and its impact on training.  For instance, managers with hiring authority must have an understanding of the intricacies of hiring foreign nationals for domestic positions.  “This is sometimes a tricky proposition due to the various employment laws that prohibit discrimination based on national origin, race or ethnicity,” Johnson notes.

For export compliance and other training topics, an HR Manager’s task can be greatly simplified by the use of a compliance-oriented Learning Management System (LMS).  Particularly when connected with the company’s existing Human Resources Information System, the appropriate LMS can automate many of the otherwise tedious steps in administering a training program, such as creating assignments, tracking progress, generating email reminder notices, escalating missed deadlines, and providing real-time reports.  Crucially, the LMS can also serve as the central repository of training documentation should the need ever arise to validate an employee’s historical training record.

Skillsoft’s cloud-based Legal Compliance Solution offers engaging, customizable, multi-format content and award-winning compliance LMS functionality.  The solution is enhanced by strategic services including deployment consulting provided by dedicated experts through every step of a program’s implementation and roll-out.  If you are an HR Manager, why not explore how Skillsoft can help you support your organization’s compliance program?

Charlie Voelker is a Legal Compliance Solution Manager at Skillsoft.

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