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The Seven Days of Learning

By Kevin Young

As National Learning at Work Week kicks off on the 19 May, workplace training and development is being brought to the forefront of U.K. business owners’ minds. With competitive industries and shifting markets, a highly trained and adaptable workforce can be the key to your business’ growth.

From the 19-25 of May, U.K. businesses will be encouraged to actively take part and reflect on the training and development of their staff as part of what promises to be a truly unique seven-day event. Employees will be given the chance to reflect upon their skills, consider their learning needs and be given the opportunity to learn an entirely new skill through a series of interactive courses provided by some of the biggest names in the industry.

As an elearning provider, we understand the importance for employers to not only engage in staff training but to inspire them in the process. We launched the Skillsoft Inspire Awards as a way to recognise the commitment and excellence some companies show towards training staff. As a result of this we’ve been able to uncover some great businesses that have shown they really do care about their staffs’ skills development.

It’s a well-known fact that the long-term effects of a poorly trained workforce can affect a business in terms of productivity, agility, staff retention and company culture. Training is a crucial commodity within any organisation and being able to deliver innovative and interactive content is key to this.

With the advancement of elearning, businesses can offer high-quality, interactive training content that can save time and money by giving staff the flexibility of having access to a range of online resources—meaning they can learn anytime they want.

Elearning training also allows companies to stay competitive within their rapidly-changing industries and through the use of interactive content, they have a greater chance of keeping up with those changes.

Whilst Learning at Work Week marks seven whole days dedicated to building workplace skills, it’s important to remember that staff training doesn’t need to take up as much time and, if approached the right way, can only take a few minutes. Using techniques like FIVE@5:00 is a great way to encourage employees to learn and reflect in easy and manageable segments.

Staff training and skill development should always be seen as a valuable method to improve productivity, staff morale, business agility and ultimately drive increased sales and business growth. Learning at Work Week is an important first step in recognising this and working towards building a U.K. workforce that is confident, happy and highly-skilled. Although, in an ideal world, every week would be “learning at work week.”

Kevin Young is the VP and GM of Regional Sales at Skillsoft EMEA.

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