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The Skillsoft Compliance Maturity Model™: Where Does Your Organization Fall?

By Eugene Van Biert

The relationship between compliance processes and business strategy can be difficult to make sense of, and, as we’ve seen, sometimes the issue is undervalued by top-level executives. Nevertheless, understanding the impact that compliance measures can have on your organization, from internal culture to bottom-line results, is more critical today than it has ever been.

Recently, my team of compliance experts developed the white paper, Integrating Compliance with Business Strategy: The Skillsoft Compliance Maturity Model™.  This was designed to take compliance professionals through the challenges facing organizations at each level of compliance execution, looking at hard numbers and real-world case studies to see where businesses are getting it right—and wrong—in terms of business impact.

It also introduces The Skillsoft Compliance Maturity Model™ as a way to benchmark various levels of compliance practices. Read this white paper to understand where your organization falls on the model, and then get to work in thinking where you’d like to be in 3-5 years.

Download the white paper today to learn more!

Eugene Van Biert is Vice President & General Manager, Global Compliance Solutions at Skillsoft. Follow Eugene on Twitter: @evanbiert

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