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Transforming a US-Centric Model to a Global Elearning Program

By Kelley Noblet

Developing associates in 27 countries around the world is not an easy feat. Walmart, a Skillsoft customer, needed a global development program to improve finance and business skill levels across their global finance organizations. Most of their international markets had no development resources available for their Finance Associates, and it was becoming increasingly important to provide opportunities for growth and advancement.

To provide growth opportunities, Walmart offered a blended learning approach, both elearning and instructor-led, for functional training to all levels, to Finance Associates in their native languages. The goal of the training was to build financial acumen for all associates, leveraging the elearning portal across all areas of Walmart, regardless of functional area.

Complimentary webinar in partnership with
Wednesday, June 11, 1-2 p.m. EDT
Going Global: Transforming a US-Centric Development Model into a Worldwide Learning Organization

Walmart will discuss how their Finance Talent Management team worked with their international markets to deploy Skillport® around the world within 10 months, creating a foundation for a globally local learning organization. Speaker, Jacob Little, Manager of Talent Development, Walmart, supports 5,500 Global Finance Associates, 44 Vice Presidents, 12 Senior Vice Presidents and 12 CFOs across the globe with leadership and technical development programs. During this session you will learn:

  • Best practices for managing global implementations.
  • How to leverage resources and a communication toolkit to create a global learning brand.
  • The mechanics of running a globally local elearning program.

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Kelley Noblet is a Marketing Manager at Skillsoft.

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