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How Should Your Employees Spend the Next Five Minutes?

By Charlie Voelker

Compliance training is never a “once and done” experience.  With the multitude of commitments and demands for employees’ time, an alternative to full-length courses can be a welcome resource for refresher training.

Skillsoft’s Compliance Impacts are a new series of videos that are designed to cover mission-critical topics in the legal compliance space in a unique new way.Read more

Understanding the Effectiveness of Learning Programs with Skillsoft’s Impact Analysis

By Wendy Duffy

One of the challenges of implementing and executing a learning program is
being able to evaluate and validate its impact on employees and the organization as a whole. One tool we’ve developed to ease this pressure put on learning and development teams, and aid in justifying investments to executives and other stakeholders, is our Impact Analysis.Read more

Employee Safety When Working in the Summer Heat

By Donna McEntee

According to the National Weather Service, “Heat is one of the leading weather-related killers in the United States, resulting in hundreds of fatalities each year. In the heat wave of 1995 more than 700 deaths in the Chicago area were attributed to heat. Read more

Improving the ROI of Employee and Manager Training: a Case Study

By Kristin Thomas

Fun fact: in 2011, U.S. Organizations spent $156.2 billion on employee learning and development, and that cost rose by a staggering 12% in 2012. Two years later, there’s no question of the value of continuous learning and development for your staff and management, but how can you maximize learning’s impact to see the greatest return for your organization?Read more

Drive Innovation and Collaboration with the “Everyone’s IT” Approach

By Jim Zimmermann

In my recent experience speaking with CIO’s from across the globe, I found they Gartner_thumbnail_Everyones_CIO_finalwere all concerned with IT training and development, and although they were concerned about training on technical topics, they were more interested in providing business skills training to their IT staff.Read more

Continued Recognition from Industry Awards Highlight Skillsoft as Learning Industry Leader

By John Ambrose

We are excited to share recent recognition we’ve received, along with noteworthy awards showcasing our customers’ successful learning programs!  Over the past nine months, our elearning solutions and our customers’ programs have received awards from Workforce Magazine,, Chief Learning Officer and Training Magazine.Read more