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Creating Your Own Training Courses For Your Organization

By Dori Abele

Creating Your Own Training Courses

Today, there are many content libraries available on the market covering a wide range of subject areas.  But are there ever instances when you cannot find exactly what you are looking for?

Should you consider making your own training courses? Absolutely! It’s actually easier than you think!

Below are five scenarios where creating your own courses makes logical sense:

1. Need to provide information specific to your organization

At some point you may need to develop courses that contain company- specific or even company-sensitive materials. Being able to create your own courses gives you more control over managing sensitive information.

2. Want to include personalized messaging

Courses can be created that have personal messages from people within your company. For example you can start a course with a video from your CEO expressing the importance of an initiative to the health of the company.

3. Want to use imagery that aligns with your business

You may find that imagery of your own people may be influential to the acceptance/adoption of your courses. For example an airline might want to use images within their courses of flight attendants in their own uniforms.

4. You need something immediately

The ability to create a course and deploy it quickly to a wide audience can be critical, especially if a security or compliance issue suddenly arises.

5. You want to control the look and feel

When you create your own courses you can have more control over the look and feel. In some instances it may be desirable to use consistent user interface controls for launching and maneuvering through a course to minimize the learning curve for your learners.

But isn’t creating custom courses expensive and time consuming?

It could be… But you may be able to license courseware that meets most of your needs with only a small portion that requires customization. The content you start with may be as much as 70% or 80% complete so you’d only need to focus on the remaining 20% to 30%—saving you time and money.

Dori Abele is a Product Manager at Skillsoft.

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