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Five Ways to Customize Your Learner’s Experience

By Scott Oliver

Simply providing a large library of off-the-shelf learning content is not the best Icon_skillport8_rgbway to meet the needs of your learners. Although some learners will learn how to efficiently navigate the library to find what they need, for most learners you may need to proactively help them by customizing their learning experience. While there is no one solution for everyone, there are a number of customization goals you should always have in the back of your mind.

  1. Customize what is available to learners – When setting up training, don’t just think one size fits all. You need to understand what the learner is trying to accomplish and make sure you deliver materials to meet just that need.
  2. Customize the learning experience –Whenever possible, be sure to produce and offer targeted learning nuggets or learning programs that can be consumed efficiently.
  3. Customize based on skill levels – No one likes to be forced to sit through something they already know. Make certain materials being shared are at the appropriate level for each learner.
  4. Customize learner interactions with others – Data shows that when employees work together they achieve higher levels of thought and even retain information longer than employees that work alone.  Provide an environment that encourages employees to share with others as they learn new skills.
  5. Customize your content – Off-the-shelf elearning assets don’t always satisfy your organization’s learning needs. Look for opportunities to customize your off-the-shelf training materials or to produce your own customized training materials from scratch.

In many cases, the key to efficiently providing a customized learning experience is how you leverage today’s learning technologies. Through our learning management system (LMS system), Skillport®, Skillsoft offers a range of resources that can be used by you and your learners to provide a customized learning experience.

Some of these capabilities include:

  • The ability to promote and feature targeted learning assets.
  • The ability to create customized content views to help learners navigate a large library.
  • A collaboration platform that allows meeting, sharing knowledge and a way to build relationships.
  • Individualized development plans between a learner and their manager.
  • Personalized development plans that allow learners to plan development of their own skills.
  • Tools to create customized targeted content.

View more information on Skillport 8.

Scott Oliver is a Senior Product Manager at Skillsoft. 

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