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How Should Your Employees Spend the Next Five Minutes?

By Charlie Voelker

Compliance training is never a “once and done” experience.  With the multitude of commitments and demands for employees’ time, an alternative to full-length courses can be a welcome resource for refresher training.

Skillsoft’s Compliance Impacts are a new series of videos that are designed to cover mission-critical topics in the legal compliance space in a unique new way. Compliance Impacts are video-based modules, approximately five minutes in duration, that are ideal for keeping compliance issues “top of mind’ for managers and employees. They provide a way to ensure repeated exposure to key issues without the time requirement of traditional, full-length courses.

Beyond refresher training, Compliance Impacts can be used for quick and to-the-point awareness-building or conversation-starters for in-person training events.  Compliance Impacts are developed using the same process and standards that Skillsoft’s award winning, full-length elearning courses use, which includes consulting by our subject matter expert law firm partners and Skillsoft’s proven instructional design model.

We identified our most in-demand courseware topics and created Compliance Impacts for 22 areas. In the future, we plan to expand the library to cover additional topics and to create more Impacts aligned with the highest-use modules.

The topics of Bribery and Wage & Hour stand as our most popular among clients, with antitrust, harassment, respect in the workplace, and social media use also seeing high demand.

So, how do you want your employees to spend the next five minutes?  How about brushing up on a compliance issue – it might just help avoid costly misconduct.

For more information on compliance elearning, view a data sheet.

Charlie Voelker is a Legal Compliance Solution Manager at Skillsoft.

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