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Interesting Happenings in the World of Elearning

By Pam Boiros

After such a terrible winter, the summer season is welcomed with open arms across North America.  For me, summer means catching up on my reading—both personal and professional—so I am looking forward to tackling my pile of books, magazines and trade journals while sitting outside enjoying the sun.

In that vein, I am excited to be the guest editor for the June issue of’s Magazine, Technology Enabled Learning Excellence Essentials. Inside the issue are great articles and stories on interesting happenings in the world of technology-enabled learning.

    • Steve Lowenthal shares his thoughts on Generation C.  You’ve heard of Generation X and Generation Y, but Generation C?  C stands for Content, and today’s generation of learners demands rich, visual content—and they want recognition as they consume it.
    • For years, the industry has been talking about Blended Learning, and it’s widely accepted that blended learning is an optimal design for learning delivery.  In his article, Terence Traut argues that we need to look beyond blended training solutions to blended performance solutions if we are to truly impact performance in a sustained and significant way.
    • Game-based Learning is one of the hottest topics in the industry today and Arunima Majumdar takes on some common myths and misperceptions about game-based learning.  She discusses how games can engage even the most reluctant learners, and do not necessarily need to be extremely costly.
  • My friend Chris Osborn from BizLibrary (full disclosure: a Skillsoft partner) presents his take on some of the Trends Leaders Can’t Ignore in 2014 and Beyond, from the rise of the Millennials to mobile and social considerations —all in his frank and candid style.  He has some interesting things to say about Competency-Based Training, which is getting a lot of attention (again) on a number of fronts.  
  • One of my own colleagues here at Skillsoft, Katherine Doe, shares a case study from one of our clients: The USO, anonprofit, congressionally-chartered, private organization that supports America’s troops and their families.
  • In Medium Rare E-Learning, Robert S. Becker reflects on a learning app he recently created, and shares some specific experiences on that process which will be of interest to anyone who has wrestled with the thorny process of creating a learning app, or is even considering it.

As all of the authors make clear in their articles this month, learning technology is no longer the stuff of science fiction which is far off in the distant future.

As Sci-fi writer William Gibson said (more than 10 years ago, way back in 2003), “The future is already here—it’s just not evenly distributed.” This is what makes it such an exciting time to be in the field of technology-enabled learning. Enjoy!

Pam Boiros is Vice President, Corporate Marketing at Skillsoft. Follow Pam on Twitter:  @pam_boiros

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