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New Guide to Selecting Cloud-Based Learning Solutions

By Pam Boiros

We’re excited about our extensive new e-book—Cloud-Based Learning Solutions: Making the Right Choice for Your Enterprise—that includes everything an organization would need to know about cloud-based learning solutions, from decision-making to implementation to understanding business outcomes.

The complimentary e-book has something for everyone, be it an HR or Learning & Development person looking for guidance on selecting the right solution for their organization, an IT professional looking to understand how a solution would integrate with existing learning management system (LMS) infrastructure or a business executive  wanting to understand the value of investing their money.

“Future-proofing” has become a priority, as organizations look to invest in learning resources and technologies that will remain valuable over time, even as the way learners expect to consume learning content changes. For this reason, the e-book comprehensively covers what organizations need to know to select and implement an elearning solution that will evolve along with its learners.

Along with case studies, contributions from industry thought leaders and checklists, the complimentary e-book covers the following sections:

  • Why cloud-based learning?
  • What cloud-based learning success looks like
  • Selecting the right cloud-based learning partner
  • Developing the business case for cloud-based learning
  • Purchasing cloud-based learning solutions

Download Cloud-Based Learning Solutions: Making the Right Choice for Your Enterprise and share with your colleagues!

Pam Boiros is Vice President, Corporate Marketing at Skillsoft – connect with her on Twitter @Pam_Boiros.

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