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Skillsoft Aligns Learning to Business Goals for Tangible Results at Sprint

By Kieran King

We’ve had the opportunity to work for a number of years with Sprint, the world-class telecommunication firm with approximately 36,000 employees that undergo continual learning and training. We’ve partnered with Sprint’s learning and development entity, Sprint University, to close performance gaps and attain measurable talent improvement results that align back to the organization’s business goals.

Our collaboration with Sprint is one we’re particularly proud of, given the learning program’s focus on the need for measurement and our ability to successfully evaluate its impact. In our partnership, we have been tasked with adapting and aligning targeted learning solutions to Sprint’s changing business requirements. It is meant to be a fluid relationship so the program can continuously be re-aligned for content effectiveness. Due to its nature, the ability to measure and track elearning results has been paramount. We’re proud that we’ve not only been able to successfully track our results, but also demonstrate a high ROI for Sprint, achieving:

  • $90 impact benefit for every $1 invested, nearly 5 times the impact of classroom learning.
  • 14 percent average improvement in effectiveness year-over-year, well above the industry average of 4 percent.

Programs and business goals will always be changing as market needs and learning tools evolve, so putting measurement and evaluation systems in place allows us to set organizations up for success. In all that we do, we strive to enable our customers to go beyond industry norms with the tools we provide and the partnership we offer, so we’re very delighted to see such an impact from our partnership with Sprint.

For more information on our work with Sprint, see the case study here:

Kieran King is Vice President of Global Loyalty Strategy at Skillsoft. Follow Kieran on Twitter: @kieranmking

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