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What is Cloud-Based Learning?

What is Cloud-Based Learning?

By Pam Boiros

As a human capital professional, you may be wondering, what does cloud-based learning mean exactly?

To best answer this question, we should first explore a number of terms that are used in the learning industry:

  • Classroom-based training: This is the traditional desk and chair environment that takes place in a physical location. It falls under event-based learning.
  • Elearning: Short for “electronic learning,” it’s learning that can be accessed synchronously (at the same time as others, also called event-based learning) or asynchronously (at a different time than others) via electronic means.
  • Instructor-led training (ILT): Similar to classroom-based training, this training is led by an instructor and typically takes place in a physical classroom. It falls under event-based learning.
  • Massive Open Online Course (MOOC): MOOCs are free, lecture-based courses designed to enroll tens of thousands of learners and have concrete start and end dates (about 6-12 weeks in length).
  • Online learning: This term is interchangeable with “elearning.”
  • Technology-enabled learning: Any type of learning that requires technology such as learning that is accessed via tablets, computers, smartphones, portals, etc.
  • Web-based training (WBT): Any type of training that is accessed via the internet on a computer.
  • Virtual ILT: Traditional classroom-based, or instructor-led training that is available online, synchronously. It falls under event-based learning. Some people use these above terms interchangeably. In taking the terminology one step further, there is a recently coined term called cloud-based learning.

Cloud-based learning

Online learning, or elearning, that is available in the cloud; meaning that resources are stored in a virtual environment, accessed from various forms of web-enabled devices.


Pam Boiros is Vice President, Corporate Marketing at Skillsoft—connect with her on Twitter @Pam_Boiros.

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