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New Food Allergen Courses for Your Compliance Program

Janiece Attal, Skillsoft Global ComplianceBy Janiece Attal

With the advent of new laws and regulations regarding food allergies, we at Skillsoft seek to provide the latest information in all our compliance elearning courses. Because each country has different laws, we develop separate courses using independent subject matter experts to provide the most accurate information possible.Read more

Skillsoft Sales Onboarding Program Takes #17 at Learning! 100 Awards

By Tom Cunningham

This week, Elearning! Media Group (EMG) announced their annual Learning! 100 awards, ranking the top 100 learning and development programs in the private and public sectors. Along with the dozens of Skillsoft customers that made the list, we are very excited to be named the #17 corporate enterprise honoree for the success of our Sales Onboarding Program!Read more

Thought Leader Insight: Dan Pontefract on Social Learning

Dan Pontefract, TELUSBy Dan Pontefract

Skillsoft: What does an organization without social learning look like? What COULD it look like?

Dan: The water cooler has been both a figurative and literal location of exchange. So too has the break room, the lunch room, the elevator … heck, even smokers’ alley outside the building.Read more

Is Mobile Learning Part of Your Elearning Strategy?

By Pam Boiros

With smartphones and tablets becoming more and more commonplace in enterprise environments, the interest in mobile learning is heating up. Many organizations see the promise of mobile learning; is now the time to take the plunge into mobile learning or should you wait for a more stable mobile landscape to emerge?Read more

Pending Acquisition of SumTotal

By John Ambrose

Today we have announced that we have entered into an agreement to acquire SumTotal Systems, a leading provider of integrated human resources (HR) solutions.  We’re excited to bring together our industry-leading learning solutions with SumTotal’s proven solutions for learning, talent and workforce management.Read more

Is a Single Platform the Best Learning Solution?

By Sue Rodeman

Myth: A single LMS/TMS is the be-all-end-all solution.

Truth: More than one system may be needed to achieve your desired results.

While many strive to have a single, unified platforms, be it a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Talent Management System (TMS), the reality is that most organizations need multiple tools and platforms to achieve integrated talent management.Read more

Engaging with Federal Learning Leaders

By Anita Heller

The Skillsoft Federal team recently hosted the Federal Learning Leaders Forum: Linking Engagement, Alignment and Performance at NASA Headquarters in Washington, D.C.  We were thrilled to have close to 100 existing and potential customers—representing 60 different Federal agencies—in attendance!Read more

Three Tricks to Seeing the Bigger Picture

By Shawn Hunter

“I can’t recall a period of time that was as volatile, complex, ambiguous and tumultuous. As one successful executive put it, ‘If you’re not confused, you don’t know what’s going on’.”
– Warren Bennis

In 1961, Edward Lorenz was a junior professor at MIT working on meteorology.Read more