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Let’s Make it Official: Learning Leaders Appreciation Day 2014

Katherine Doe, SkillsoftBy Katherine Doe

In corporate training, your “real job” is to develop your organization’s human assets into productive tools, all hammering efficiently away to reach your business goals for this year.

In your “bonus job”, you’re working away to defend your resources, set fair expectations, maintain budgets  and make changes to adapt to a changing workforce. No easy feat! Yet, you’re still working in this sometimes undervalued industry because you like your job, and hey, I bet you’re good at what you do!

When was the last time you stopped to reflect and take an inventory on your achievements, really thinking about your contributions in learning and development are moving the needle at your organization? Or, when was the last time you connected with an industry colleague or team member to say, “Hey, you’re doing great stuff over there, and I’m a fan!” Again, I’ll bet you might be a bit overdue, and we’d like to fix that.

So, let’s make this official: we’re here by declaring Wednesday, September 17, 2014 to be Learning Leaders Appreciation Day!

This is YOUR day to take pride in all of your achievements and those of your teammates and industry colleagues.  Toot your own horn about a special project you mastered and how it helped your organization. Take a moment to say, “Nice work!” to a direct report. Connect with an industry colleague to say, “Hey, I’ve seen that you’ve been busy over there—keep up the good work!”

To help make this more fun and interactive, we’ve got a few free resources for you!  Jump over to to grab:

  • A social sharing badge for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Share our “super hero” badge and declare your status as a Learning Leader. Don’t forget the hashtag! #LearningAppreciation
  • A certificate of recognition. Print one out and fill it in for your key team members as a way to recognize their contributions
  • A special signature graphic. Add this below your email signature for the next week, and become part of the ground swell!
  • A white paper with actionable tips to stay ahead. Read 6 Ways for L&D to Earn a Seat at the Table to continue to get the recognition you and your team deserve!

Get ready, and get to sharing the #LearningAppreciation love! Learning Leaders Appreciation Day is your time to shine! Enjoy.

Katherine Doe is a Marketing Manager at Skillsoft.

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