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Ready, Set, Action – New Video Courseware is Coming!

By Sue Rodeman

October was a busy month for industry conferences – Skillsoft sponsored and attended CLO, HR Tech, Inc. 5000 and Learning 2014, and hosted TotalConnection. While each conference had a different audience and a different agenda, one thing rang true – excitement surrounding new learning solutions. People are excited to learn and are looking for dynamic and innovative content, methods and experiences.

During discussions, one thing that stood out above the rest was how enthusiastic learners were about our video content and what we have on the horizon in that area. In addition to the 10,000 videos we currently have available touching areas across IT and Desktop Applications, we’re on track to deliver 260 new video-based courseware resources by the end of January.

The courseware includes video content from our extensive IT and Desktop video collection – which is growing to more than 14,000 videos by the end of January – and packages it in ways that are easy for learners to digest. In addition to elearning content, it includes the practice, assessment, tracking and accessibility support that is crucial to the learning process.

The courseware will cover topic areas such as HTML5, Six Sigma, Cisco, CompTIA, Ruby and more. It combines the best of instructor-led video-based presentation with the benefits of courseware. Theory and practical tasks are simultaneously taught in cohesive demos, enabling learners to see changes in the UI as code changes are applied. Courses also include practice topics with a series of tasks learners can perform in their own computer workspaces and then compare to a sample solution.

We’ll share more information in the coming months, so please stay tuned! In the meantime, for more information on our video content, visit:

Sue Rodeman is Vice President, Product Marketing at Skillsoft. Follow Sue on Twitter: @srodeman

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