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Skillsoft Delivers: Big Data Initiative Shows Improved Learning Engagement

By John Ambrose

Back in April, we announced how we are working with IBM to bring big data-enabled adaptive learning to life. Our joint effort is powered by the combination of data from our 19 million users across 60,000 learning assets with IBM Research’s big data and analytics capabilities.

Having now completed a series of live customer pilots, we’re excited to share proof that this adaptive learning strategy can successfully improve learning engagement and outcomes.  The results from the pilot, which evaluated user interaction from direct email response behavior and learning patterns, clearly indicate the impact that more personalized learning can have for organizations in the Learning Age:

  • 29 percent of users clicked on at least one recommendation in their first email opened;
  • 128 percent improvement in user engagement with content compared to the baseline; and
  • 84 percent of users stated that one or more recommendations were relevant to them.

In the Learning Age, data-driven, adaptive, individualized learning will be the difference-maker as organizations look to fill skills gaps in an evolving workforce. And our work with big data will be a key building block in this regard. We’re particularly excited about our big data initiative as it’s what the Learning Age will hinge on: adaptive, personalized learning and next-generation solutions that will allow organizations to more effectively close skills gaps and build better networks of human capital.

Our next step is going to be fine-tuning the algorithms and roadmap for further implementation into real world environments. We’ll also be expanding our data sets to include the HR information now part of the broader Skillsoft product line with the Learning-centric Talent Expansion  offerings from SumTotal Systems.

John Ambrose is Senior Vice President, Strategy & Corporate Development at Skillsoft. Follow him on Twitter at @johnjambrose.

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