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Deltek’s Team Approach to Leadership Development Creates Business Impact

Customer Spotlight on Deltek

By Pat Golden and Jodi Atkinson

Deltek is among the largest global enterprise software and information solutions providers for project-based organizations in the professional services and government contracting industries. As you can imagine, being a large and growing global organization with a 30-year history presents many challenges beyond the usual learning and development barriers for effective leadership training. This, combined with our CEO’s objective of double-digit growth by 2017, made the need to successfully develop high-performing leaders who could meet the challenges ahead imperative.

In 2014, with this objective in mind, Deltek University launched three leadership development programs leveraging Skillsoft Leadership Advantage and other Skillsoft content as the foundation. The only requirements our CEO provided were that we had to 1) use existing resources and 2) create a program with no budget! Clearly, we had to be creative in how we developed our programs, and we were up for the challenge.

Our creativity shone through with the formation of three unique leadership development programs.  One of our current pilot programs, LEAP (Leadership Engagement with Awesome People), particularly helped to portray this creativity. LEAP’s objective is to develop high-performing leaders who demonstrate the qualities that will drive strategy, grow the company, and meet the challenges that lie ahead.

A key component of the LEAP program is teamwork.  With LEAP, many of the activities utilize the Skillsoft Leadership Advantage tools within a collaborative, team setting. In fact, the “team” element is really the underlying concept of the LEAP program – there is emphasis on leveraging the talent and expertise of each individual in almost every activity. This creates a constant feedback loop for the participants during the in-person kickoff event and continues throughout the virtual portion of the program.

The self-nominating cohort LEAP program includes self-directed learning, leader-led activities, leadership challenge chats, on-the-fly activities, and social networking. The focus on teamwork also helps to address the challenge of engagement. As with any team activity, if someone is counting on you, you’re (hopefully) going to work harder not to let them down. And, of course, there is a high level of encouragement within healthy team environments that creates additional drive.

The notion of “business impact through teamwork” will be manifested in the final phase of the program later this month, in which all participants are divided into teams and must come up with an innovative concept or idea to execute in the workplace that will have real business impact. The executive team will provide feedback for the participants regarding the feasibility of the proposed innovation. They will then recognize the project that will most likely be implementable.

Our unique approach to leadership training and Skillsoft Leadership Advantage™ implementation reflects our commitment to making a strong impact. This leadership development program has been truly awesome. It’s not often that you get this level of engagement, business impact and camaraderie among teams of high performing leaders. We hope you will also feel inspired to leverage the content as you design your unique leadership development programs.

Watch our video! Leadership Development Programs

Pat Golden, Senior Director and Jodi Atkinson, Manager Employee Education, Deltek University

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