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Getting Stakeholder Consensus for a Cloud-Based Learning Solution

By Candy Osborne

If you’re thinking of bringing an elearning solution to your organization, you’ll want to get a consensus from stakeholders. Here are some common stakeholders and ideas for how you might help them understand how elearning can benefit their respective areas:

Human Resources

  • When employees have learning resources readily available, onboarding takes place at a faster pace.
  • Skills and knowledge gains from a top-notch learning program will lessen the gaps new hires will face and help with career progression over time.
  • Having a skilled workforce will encourage positive employee engagement and reduce turnover for the organization.
  • Offering a learning solution that is mobile and bite-sized will ensure it is conveniently available anytime, anywhere.

Learning & Development

  • With a successful learning program, performance improvements will take place across business units with the potential to make the company money (e.g. increased sales, better customer service, etc.) or save the company money (e.g. increased product quality, decreased cycle time, etc.).
  • L&D has the opportunity to be viewed as a business improvement unit and not just a “training center” – this perception will influence future business and learning opportunities and decisions.


  • There is ease of integration with third party platforms, such as talent management systems.
  • The threat of complexity with multiple learning vendors would be significantly reduced by selecting a vendor that is all-encompassing.
  • Cloud-based learning solutions reduce maintenance and support efforts.

Business Unit Leaders

  • When skills gaps are identified and addressed with learning, the individual will perform better and so will the team.
  • When a team is operating efficiently, it can better improve business outcomes and meet organizational goals.


  • Bringing in an off-the-shelf solution is more cost-effective than internally developing training or sending employees away to costly offsite training.
  • Not only is elearning more cost-effective, it has been shown to have higher application rates to the job, thereby increasing the potential to move the needle more effectively than other types of learning programs.

After you have identified your stakeholders, uncover their shared goals and arrange a meeting to help all members of the team see the common goals for themselves. This will enable a stronger, more unified and supported stance.

Download a complimentary template to assist in uncovering shared goals with your stakeholders:

Candy Osborne is a Senior Marketing Manager at Skillsoft. Follow her on Twitter at @CandyOsborne.

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