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2014 State of the Industry

By Pam Boiros

Now with the New Year upon us, it’s time to reflect on last year’s learning and development trends and learn from the data. As you begin to make business decisions in 2015, findings from ATD’s 2014 State of the Industry report are a good way to benchmark your organization’s training and development expenditures against other companies.  Skillsoft is pleased to once again sponsor this critical ATD 2014 State of the Industry reportresearch.

Using data from a diverse group of 340 organizations, the report examines direct learning expenditure, average number of training hours used by employees, average cost per learning hour, the methods training companies are using and content areas for training.

In 2013, organizations on average spent $1208 per employee on training and development, a 1% increase from last year with the number of learning hours used per employee increasing slightly from 30.3 to 31.5 hours.

The top three learning content areas identified in the report include:

  1. Compliance
  2. Managerial/supervisory training
  3. Profession/industry specific training

What influences spending? Organization size? Industry? According to ATD, the cost per employee is typically more expensive for smaller organizations as the cost of the education is spread across fewer employees. As a result, employees at larger organizations consumed, on average, 10 more hours per employee. Industries that invested more heavily per employee included education, professional, scientific and technical services.

Despite the growing popularity of elearning, only 38% of organizations surveyed are delivering learning using technology.

To view the highlights of the report, download ATD’s infographic. To purchase a copy of the report, click here. To view the webinar featuring the key findings, click here.

Pam Boiros is Vice President, Corporate Marketing at Skillsoft. Follow Pam on Twitter:  @pam_boiros

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