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Lifelong Learning

By Candy Osborne

With New Year’s day recently behind us, how many of you have already fallen behind on your resolutions? You know, the ones where you’re supposed to lose 50 pounds, climb Kilimanjaro, sail the Pacific and adopt a baby Beluga whale. This month.

Oftentimes we make unrealistic goals and because of that, many resolutions fail. If you’re falling behind, consider a goal that I believe to be a universal one and a great foundational goal to have. It’s choosing to continually learn; become a lifelong learner.

If you think about it, a common thread to all goals is learning. If your goal is to run a marathon, you will no doubt learn about hydration, nutrition, long runs, energy supplements, different types of shoes to wear and possibly (but hopefully not) ice baths. If your goal is to crochet a blanket, advance to a black belt in martial arts or achieve a professional certification, they all have continuous learning at their core.

It doesn’t stop there. If you are trying to work on patience, kindness, strength, selflessness, pretty much any goal you can think of… you will inevitably learn something along the way. About the skills, the process, yourself. The opportunities for growth are profound when you consider that learning is at the heart of it all.

The fact is, the more you learn, the more you grow. And the more you grow, the more the people around you grow. Whether the people around you are children, adults, teams or entire organizations, what you do with what you learn affects other people.

This year, as you contemplate your goals and resolutions, think about what it might mean to you—and to others around you—if you adopt a continuous learning mindset.

Watch the video below for an example of the impact when choosing to become a lifelong learner by leveraging elearning or a learning solution.

Feel free to comment below and share how continuous learning is helping you to achieve your goals.

Candy Osborne is a Senior Marketing Manager at Skillsoft. Follow @CandyOsborne on Twitter.

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