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Investing in Employee Development to Support Exponential Growth

By Kelley Noblet

In 2013, UST Global was facing an enviable dilemma. The leading provider of end-to-end IT solutions was growing at an exponential rate—48%, to be specific—and in order to continue empowering its ever-expanding employee base with the skills required to succeed in a demanding industry, it needed to greatly expand its portfolio of innovative, on-demand learning solutions.

By partnering with Skillsoft, UST Global grew their active end users by 300%, increased total learning hours by 155% and decreased attrition by seven percentage points. In addition, UST Global was publicly recognized by Skillsoft with a Program of the Year Award, an impressive distinction that goes to an organization with an integrated learning program that demonstrates measureable results.

How did they do it? Download their case study to learn how UST Global leveraged elearning to achieve these results.

Kelley Noblet is a Marketing Manager at Skillsoft.

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