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Skillsoft Global Compliance Solutions – State of the Union

By Eugene Van Biert

At Skillsoft, learning is not only what we do; rather, it’s what we’re all about! As a pioneer in the field of learning, Skillsoft has long-pursued the vision of improving the performance of our clients by improving the performance of their people. In pursuit of that vision, we seek to consistently apply innovative approaches that enable our clients to execute leading-edge learning strategies focused on delivering true business value. Additionally, to improve our own performance, we continuously learn from those around us (customers and partners alike) so that we can better support them and increase the value that they are able to extract from our relationship.

Skillsoft Global Compliance Solutions was born out of the market’s need for more effective and efficient compliance training. Compliance risks have grown in significance and the rate of change in the regulatory environment has only made managing compliance programs increasingly more complex, especially in global enterprises. Whether it be anti-corruption, import/export, privacy and information security, among others, stakeholder demand for greater transparency is forcing compliance executives to implement scalable and sustainable compliance training programs that can keep up, which if not approached correctly can be costly, time consuming and resource intensive.

As we look to the future, the need to “do more with less” will continue to challenge organizations to provide employees with the right information at the right time.  There is no doubt that organizations will continue to strive to become more efficient and search for opportunities to create cohesion between various learning initiatives whether it be ethics and compliance, leadership development, or job-role specific training.

In response to these demands and with a laser-focus on our customers’ needs, we are building solutions targeted to not only meet current demands, but provide the foundational program elements to build upon in the future. With the support of a global network of partners providing subject matter expertise, Skillsoft Global Compliance Solutions is developing and innovating at an unprecedented rate and continues to establish a strong growth profile.

Skillsoft’s unique ability to embed ethics and compliance-based training content, side-by-side with business/IT skills and role-specific training enables our customers to mobilize ethics and compliance related behaviors into their organizations and foster an environment of integrity and compliance maturity.  Based on our years of experience in developing best-in-class learning programs, coupled with our comprehensive collection of compliance training assets as a cornerstone to the learner-centric talent expansion suite, Skillsoft is uniquely positioned to assist organizations, regardless of size, to deliver scalable, sustainable and cohesive learning programs that deliver results.

Eugene Van Biert is Vice President and General Manager of Global Compliance Solutions at Skillsoft. Follow Eugene on Twitter: @evanbiert

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