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6 Ways to Ease into the New UK Care Certificate Standards

By Eugene Van Biert 

The Care Certificate, due to be rolled out across the UK this April, now looms large in the minds of all care providers.

Whether in a hospital setting, or residential or domiciliary care, the certificate is intended to provide employees with an essential understanding of the basic building blocks of care, as well as the skills required to deliver it on the frontline.

While it can’t entirely replace an employer’s induction process, it will be a key component of the total induction process. And, though some social care organizations already have robust assessment processes in place, the launch of a new initiative with such significance to the delivery of frontline care presents a number of challenges, including:

  • The delivery of the learning that gives carers the background knowledge they need – the Care Certificate covers a significant number of new subject areas
  • To make all the observations and assessments required within a workplace setting
  • To record and have available training records suitable for the CQC
  • To manage their learners and assessors through the entire process

Not only will the Care Certificate create a significant volume of additional work, it will also eat into people’s time across the organisation. This has the potential to cost care organisations on their bottom line, as well as impact the time frontline staff are available to do what they’re best at – frontline care.

As you might expect, we’ve been thinking about how we can help organisations meet the challenges, and here are 6 ways Skillsoft’s Care Certificate solution can help:

  1. 15 elearning courses, developed using our award winning learning methodology, effectively deliver all the knowledge required
  2. A set of carefully crafted follow-on exercises to help learners prepare for and demonstrate the workplace behaviours, skills and competencies the care certificate demands.
  3. An assessors course designed to deliver resources to help with the assessment challenge
  4. A range of recording options; work in the way that suits you best with paper, or learning management systems, records
  5. A full suite of program management tools including reporting, dashboards, historical records, learner demographics
  6. Our highly respected cloud platforms – working with 6000+ customers and more than 19 million learners, we can offer you the fullest range of additional services and content.

Skillsoft is hosting a webinar where you can find out more about our Care Certificate solution. Join us on March 26 at 1 p.m. by emailing us:

Eugene Van Biert is Vice President and General Manager of Global Compliance Solutions at Skillsoft. Follow Eugene on Twitter: @evanbiert

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