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Creating a Learning Culture: Five Learnings from Orange Business Services

By Kevin Young

The People Development & Learning (PD&L) team at Orange Business Services can very proudly claim to have directly improved its company’s sales pipeline. How? By building employee confidence.

You can read the new case study for the full details, but we were struck by the cultural learning to be had from the story. Here are the five main points:

  1. Collaboration – A global team working as one with the business, the PD&L team at Orange Business Services works hand in hand with the business to determine priorities and manage the rollout of global learning programmes within the organisation. It has the full support of executives and a strong business/learning alignment.
  2. Innovation – The team also nurtures a culture of innovation that evolves with business and technological practices. Learning is no longer just about training, but about continued education through new and innovative solutions. Orange Business Services aims to keep its employees engaged and stimulated.
  3. Blended approach – Orange Business Services uses a blended approach to make learning more efficient and effective. This combines new technologies such as video and remote learning with more traditional methods such as face-to-face workshops and Skillsoft’s Books24x7®.
  4. Five @ 5:00 ™ – To enable a cultural shift away from manager-prescribed training to self-directed learning, Orange Business Services PD&L team is constantly looking for new tools. This includes targeted short videos, social media and the Five @ 5:00 ™ programme where managers are invited to take five minutes over five days to enhance their knowledge on a specific topic.
  5. Smarter working – The HR Knowledge area was created to build on HR excellence. With zero budget, a core project team created a single source of development information and solutions for HR communities using low cost and sustainable solutions.

Orange Business Services won the Elearning Team of the Year Award at Skillsoft’s 2014 Perspectives EMEA. The judges noted that the team “has developed an elearning approach that closely tracks overall global strategy.  At the same time it is accelerating the move to self-directed learning, empowering ever more of Orange Business Services 20,000 employees to seize the opportunities for personal development today’s flexible systems offer.”

To read the full story, download the new case study here. To find out more about the 2015 Inspire Awards, visit the website.

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